Voigt – Tree by leaf





Personal Author:
Voigt, Cynthia.
Tree by leaf / Cynthia Voigt.
Publication info:
New York : Atheneum, 1988.
Physical description:
192 p. ; bccb 5-7.
Clothilde Speer’s life is falling apart. Her father, the son of a wealthy and proper Boston family, enlists in World War I, only to return disfigured in body and soul. He moves to the boathouse of their Maine property and refuses to see anyone. Clothilde’s mother, too, is changing in dark and unsettling ways. She fires Lou, the family servant and Clothilde’s only friend. Miserable, confused, adrift, Clothilde wanders deep into the Maine woods, where she hears a Voice, a Voice that can grant all her wishes — but at a very dear price.
Subject term:
Family problems–Juvenile fiction.
Geographic term:
Maine–Juvenile fiction.
0449703347 (pbk. : Ballantine, ’89) : 4.50

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