Oke – Nana’s gift





Personal Author:
Oke, Janette, 1935-
Nana’s gift / Janette Oke.
Publication info:
Minneapolis, MN : Bethany House, c1996.
Physical description:
p. cm.
 Lizzie had been so young and beautiful when then they first married and now she was still beautiful in Duncan’s eyes.  He loved his Lizzie. She had stood by him through the good and the bad. Someday, as soon as he could manage it, he was determined to get her something really special  that would speak of her true worth and his deep love.A string of perfectly formed pearls would take Duncan years to save the money required to purchase them.  His carefully kept secret, his sacrificial gift, becomes a symbol of the family legacy.  With the passing of time, for their last great-granddaughter who has a very special need, the pearl necklace will take on extraordinary value.

1556618980 10.00
Subject terms: Trust in God.
Subject terms: Christian Life.

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