Lucaco – Cross


246.558 L


Personal Author:

Lucado, Maz


The Cross / Max Lucado

Publication info:

Sisters OR:  Multmonah Publishers, c2002

Physical description:

59 p.:  col. photos


For all eternity, the cross of Christ manifests the supreme evidence that “God so loved the world.” With dramatic photos and memorable selections from Max Lucado’s treasured writings, this magnificent gift book celebrates the glory, the mystery, and the inescapable reality of the cross. Timeless photographic images depict the cross in spiritually moving ways…and cross-centered inspirational thoughts drawn from Lucado’s bestselling books beautifully highlight God’s ultimate sacrifice.

Subject term:

Crosses—Pictoral Works

Subject term:

Jesus Chrst—Crucifixtion—Quotations, Maxims, etc.




Crosses, Crucifixtion, Inspirational, Inspirational quotations,  Photographs


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