Blume – Then again, maybe I won’t


Personal Author:

Blume, Judy.


Then Again, Maybe I Won’t / by Judy Blume.

Publication info:

New York: Dell Publishing Co., Inc., c1971.

Physical description:

164 p.


Ever since his dad got rich from an invention and his family moved to a wealthy neighborhood on Long Island, Tony Miglione’s life has been turned upside down. For starters, there’s his new friend, Joel, who shoplifts. Then there’s Joel’s sixteen-year-old sister, Lisa, who gets undressed every night without pulling down her shades. And there’s Grandma, who won’t come down from her bedroom. On top of all that, Tony has a whole bunch of new questions about growing up. . . .

Why couldn’t things have stayed the same?

Unable to accept or explain his family’s newly acquired wealth, his growing interest in sex, and a friend’s shoplifting habit, a thirteen-year-old finds the pains in his stomach getting worse and worse.

Subject term:

Adolescence–Juvenile Fiction

Subject term:

Boyhood Problems—Juvenile Fiction




adolescence, children, children’s, children’s fiction, children’s literature, coming of age, family, juvenile, juvenile fiction, kidsrealistic fiction, teen, young adult, young adult fiction


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