South – Cobra and the Lily




Personal author:

South, Sheri Cobb


The Cobra and the Lily / by Sheri Cobb South.

Publication info:

Saraland AL:  PrinnyWorld Press, c2002

Physical description:

192 p.


Egyptian nobleman Ra-Met is convinced nothing will cure his headaches–until he meets Lila, a Hebrew shepherdess, in the wilderness. Her singing does what Pharaoh’s most skilled physicians have failed to do. When he discovers Lila is as beautiful as she is talented, he wants more than just her voice.

Although anointed with perfumed oils and clothed in fine linen, Lila is determined to remain faithful to her God. She fears and despises her arrogant master, yet is drawn to him against her will. Confused by her conflicting emotions, Lila prays for God to set her free.

When a series of plagues strike Egypt, it appears Lila’s prayers are about to be answered. But Lila is no longer certain that she wishes to be free, especially now that Ra-Met’s life is in danger. For God has promised to send His death angel throughout the land, killing the firstborn of every family.  And Ra-Met is an only child….

Subject term:

Jew—Egypt—Juvenile Fiction.

Subject term:

Egypt–History—Juvenile fiction.

Subject term:

Historical fiction—Juvenile fiction.

Subject term:

Love stories—Juvenile fiction.




Egypt, histoical fiction, history, Jews, love story, plagues, singing



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