White – Corrie ten Boom



ten Boom

Personal Author:

White, Kathleen


Corrie ten Boom:  Women of faith series / by Kathleen White.

Publication info:

Minneapolis MN:  Bethany House Publishers, c1983

Physical description:

112 p.


The amazing story of a loving woman who brought the presence of God to a Nazi concentration camp.

When the gates of Ravensbruck Concentration Camp locked behind Corrie ten Boom, separating her from everything and nearly everyone she loved, no one could keep out the presence of God whose protection followed Corrie and her sister through every nightmare experience. She had hidden Jewish refugees from the Nazis, and now God kept her safe for the lifelong work He had planned for her.

Following her miraculous release, Corrie’s life became an inspiration for millions: first to the ex-prisoners of war whose shattered lives she helped rebuild, and then to audiences throughout the world as they heard her remarkable story of survival, heroism, and triumph in Christ.

Subject term:

Biography—ten Boom, Corrie–Juvenile literature

Subject term:

Concentration Camp, WWII—Juvenile literature.




Biography, Christian life, Corrie ten Boom, concentration camp, Jews, Jewish, Nazis, prisoner, WWII


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