Seebo – God’s Kiss




Personal Author:

Seebo, Donna


God’s Kiss / by Donna Seebo.  Illustrated by Ed Gedrose.

Publication info:

Tacoma WA:  Mrs. Seebo Classic Fables, c1991.

Physical description:

Unpaged:  Col. illus.


Gods Kiss beckons all children and the young at heart to enter the dream world of a little traveler named Johnny; an extraordinary world of talking animals, magnificent mountains and valleys. A place where young people gather on Christmas Eve to seek the special kiss of life – God’s Kiss.

God’s Kiss is more than a heart warming tale of a little boy’s journey to a mystical land. It is about a child’s sense of place in the
world; a boy’s discovery of how precious life is to all earth’s creatures, and the powerful feeling of well being that embraces the reader. These are thoughts and emotions children instinctively understand (and search for), but the real magic of God’s Kiss is how these emotions are rekindled in the hearts of adults.

Subject term:

Christmas—Juvenile fiction.

Subject term:

God—Juvenile fiction.




animals, children, Christmas, fantasy, God, love


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