Stahl – Sendi Lee Mason and the stray striped cat




Personal Author:

Stahl, Hilda


Sendi Lee Mason and the Stray Striped Cat / by Hilda Stahl.

Publication info:

Wheaton IL:  Crossway Books, c1990

Physical description:

128 p.


Being the only child in a single-parent family has its ups and downs. Yet Sendi’s struggles are faced by every youngster who is yearning to love and be loved. Along with Sendi, young readers learn where to turn when faced with tough decisions, and where to find the strength to do what’s right.

Though Sendi learns the stray cat she found really belongs to a lonely old woman, she decides to keep the cat anyway–until after a struggle with her conscience she decides to do the right thing.

Subject term:

Cats– Juvenile fiction.




cats, children, conscience,  decisions, ethics, youth


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