This is the online library catalog for Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We have moved the old card catalog contents here so that it’s fully searchable online.   When looking at information here, please remember to click the “Continue reading” link to see the full information normally seen on a catalog card.

Want to help? Have Questions?  Email LoiS-sez@LoiS-sez.com (Lois Keel)

 Last year was The Great Transition after the library was 
shut down and stored during 2018 construction.  It opened 
in a different, multi-location setting (typical for Calvary, 
one church in multiple locations!)  Now the main part of 
the library fills the wall of the main conference room.  
Toddler board books were given to the Nursery and Children's 
media related to the seasons of the church year are stored 
in the Nursery.  Children's books and books for older Youth 
and Teens are shelved in their program areas.  Children's 
videos went to the Youth area before construction for use by 
adult leaders and remain there.  Adult books and other media 
are once again shelved in their traditional way on the con-
ference room wall.  All borrowing, as in the past, is on the 
honor system, but statistics are not being kept.  The church 
library history is B.C. and A.D.  Before Construction an 
online catalog was created and still (After Demolition) can 
be searched beyond browsing the shelves at 
https://celclibrary.wordpress.com/about/ .
 Going forward, material will be featured throughout the 
year both seasonally and otherwise.  Donated items have been 
stored until now as it has taken most of the year to 
relocate all of the Children's, Youth & Teen's collection.  
Now that their space has opened up on the conference room 
wall, items "New to us" will again start to appear.
 Lois Keel, librarian
 January, 2020

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