Reading Suggestions

A reference book called Genreflecting is available in many libraries to take you beyond Calvary’s library, but this looks at what we have.

So far we have one general fiction list and these genre lists:

  • Mysteries and Thrillers
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy

Here’s something new: Seasonal lists starting with Advent.  (For those fiction lists, look after this newest list.)

Please feel free to suggest additional lists you would like to see!

Seasonal items

Adventuring in Advent:
232.92 M Author: Maier, Paul L. Title: First Christmas; the true and unfamiliar story in words and pictures
232.921 B Author: Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Title: The mystery of Holy Night
242.3 B Author: Beck, Victor Emanuel Title: A Book of Advent, with daily devotions
242.3 G Author: Grindal, Gracia Title: Good News of Great Joy: Advent devotions for the home
242.3 R Author: Reilly, Terry. Title: Family nights : Advent, Christmas
242.33 A Authors: Anderson, Georgene and Raymond Title: The Jesse Tree: the heritage of Jesus in stories and symbols of Advent for the family
242.332 D Author DeChant, Carol. Title: Momma’s enchanted supper and other stories for the long evenings of Advent : a memoir
249 O Author: O’Neal, Debbie Trafton. Title: Before and after Christmas : activities and ideas for Advent and Epiphany
263.91 L Author: Lindberg, Paul M. Title: Advent
263.915 W Author: Warren, Richard Title: The purpose of Christmas
394.268 CHR Authors: Sproul, R.C. and Boice, James Montgomery Title: Christ in Christmas: a family advent celebration
394.268 D Author: Dargatz, Jan Lynette. Title: 52 simple ways to make Christmas special
394.268 R Author: Revoir, Trudie West. Title: Legends and traditions of Christmas
745.5 WAuthor:Wise, Patricia Klick. Title:My book of Christmas thoughts and crafts
FIC H Author: Hegg, Tom. Title: A cup of Christmas tea
FIC K Author: Karon, Jan Title: Shepherds abiding : a Mitford Christmas story
FIC L Author: Lucado, Max. Title: The Christmas candle
FIC N Author: Nicholaus, Bret. Title: The Christmas letters : a timeless story for every generation
GRAPHIC YA Fic B Vol. 1 Author: Burner, Brett A. Title:Hand of the morningstar. Vol. 1, Advent
YA Fic F Author: Fogartie, Arthur F. Title: The sixteenth manger : short stories for Christmas
J FICL Author: L’Engle, Madeleine. Title: The twenty-four days before Christmas : an Austin family story
JEFIC B Author: Berger, Barbara Title: The donkey’s dream
JEFIC D Author: DePaola, Tomie Title: The legend of the poinsettia
JEFIC F Author: Facklam, Margery. Title:Only a star
JEFIC K Author: Karon, Jan Title: Esther’s gift : a Mitford Christmas story
JEFIC W Author: Wangerin, Walter. Title: Probity Jones and the fear not angel
JE FIC W Author: Wilner, Isabel. Title: B is for Bethlehem : a Christmas alphabet
J263.91G Greene Personal Author: Greene, Carol Title: Waiting for Christmas: Stories and Activities for Advent
JE263.91 R Author: Richterkessing, Sue. Title: The time of Christmas
JE263.93 S Author: Stohs, Anita Reith Title: The Time of the Church: Journey through the Church Year Activity Book

The Gift of Christmas (and most Advent books)
232.921 L Author: Luther, Martin Title: The Martin Luther Christmas book / with celebrated woodcuts by his contemporaries
235.3B Author: Burnham, Sophy Title: A book of angels : reflections on angels past and present, and true stories of how they touch our lives
264.23 C Author: Collins, Ace. Title: Stories behind the best-loved songs of Christmas
268.6 W Author: White, William R. (William Robert) Title: Speaking in stories : resources for Christian storytellers
FIC E Author: Evans, Richard Paul Title: Carousel
FIC E Author: Evans, Richard Paul. Title: The Christmas box
FIC E Author: Evans, Richard Paul. Title: Finding Noel
FIC F Author: Forsyth, Frederick Title: The shepherd
FIC G Author: Grisham, John. Title: Skipping Christmas
FIC K Author: Keillor, Garrison. Title: Leaving home
FIC P Author: Petit, Sandra. Title: A time for angels
FIC W Author: Wright, Jason F. Title: Christmas jars
YA Fic F Author: Fogartie, Arthur F. Title: The sixteenth manger : short stories for Christmas
J FIC A Author: Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian) Title: The fir tree
JFIC CHR Title: Christmas: An Annual Treasury
JFICD Author: De Angeli, Marguerite Title: The lion in the box
JFIC D Author: Dickens, Charles Title: Christmas carol
J FIC H Author: Houston, Gloria. Title: Littlejim’s gift
J FIC L Author: Leighton, Maxinne Rhea. Title: An Ellis Island Christmas
JFICL Author: Lucado, Max. Uniform title: [Christmas cross] Title: The Christmas child
JFICM Author: MacDonald, George Title: The Christmas stories of George MacDonald
J FIC M Author: Miller, Calvin. Title: My son, my savior : the awesome wonder of Jesus’ birth
JFICM Author: Momaday, N. Scott Title: Circle of wonder : a Native American Christmas story
JFIC M Author: Murphy, Shirley Rousseau. Title: The song of the Christmas mouse
JFIC O Author: Henry, O. Title: The gift of the Magi
JFIC R Author: Robinson, Barbara. Title: The best Christmas pageant ever
JFIC W Author: Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith Title: The Birds’ Christmas Carol
JE220.9505M Author: Maxwell, Cassandre Title: Bright Star, Bright Star, What Do You See?
J220.9505 P Purves Personal author: Purves, Libby Title: Favorite Bible Stories
J231.7 F Fitzgerald Personal Author: Fitzgerald, Annie Title: Dear God, We Just Love Christmas
J232.92B Branley Personal Author: Branley, Franklyn Mansfield Title: The Christmas sky
J232.92 N Nicholaus Author: Nicholaus, Bret. Title: Christmas kidchat : holiday questions for kids (and kids at heart)
JE232.921 F First Title: The First Christmas
JE232.921 M Maier Personal Author: Maier, Paul L. Title: The very first Christmas
JE232.921M Morehead Personal Author: Morehead, Ruth J. Title: The Christmas story, with Ruth J. Morehead’s Holly Babes.
JE232.921 W Wangerin Personal Author: Wangerin, Walter Jr. Title: Angels & All Children
JE232.922 W Author: Watson, Carol Title: The Shepherd’s Story
JE232.923 W Author: Watson, Carol Title: The Wise Men’s Visit
J263.91L Author: Logan, Anna. Title: The Jesse tree activity book
J263.91L Author: Logan, Anna Title: The Jesus tree activity book
J263.91 SAM Author: Hochstatter, Daniel J. Title: Sammy’s tree-mendous Christmas adventure : finding the true meaning of Christmas
J263.93 S Author: Stohs, Anita Reith Title: Journey Through the Church Year: Christmas, Easter, Time of the Church Year
J398.24 H Author: Hunt, Angela Elwell Title: The tale of three trees : a traditional folktale
JE783.65 B Author: Beall, Pamela Conn. Title: Wee sing for Christmas
JEFIC B Author: Baker, Robert C. Title: What Happened to Merry Christmas?
JE FIC B Author: Boone, Debby. Title: The snow angel
JEFIC B Author: Bosca, Francesca Title: Caspar and the Star
JEFIC B Author: Brett, Jan Title: The wild Christmas reindeer
JEFIC B Author: Bunting, Eve Title: Night tree
JEFIC B Author: Burba, Linda Title: Ben’s Blanket and the Baby Jesus
JEFIC C Author: Chisholm, Sarah Reid. Title: My Christmas angel : a hide-and-seek story
JEFIC C Author: Chisholm, Sarah Reid. Title: My Christmas star : a hide-and-seek story
JEFIC CHR Title: A Christmas Carol: a pop-up book.
JEFIC CHR Title: A Christmas Story: a pop-up book.
JEFIC C Author: Climo, Shirley Title: The Cobweb Christmas
JEFIC C Author: Cousins, Lucy. Title: Maisy’s snowy Christmas Eve
JE FIC D Author: Dellinger, Annetta E. Title: The Jesus Tree
JEFIC DAuthor: DePaola, Tomie Title: The clown of God : an old story
JE FIC D Author: deVajay, Szaboles Title: The Animals’ Gift
JEFIC D Author: Dunbar, Joyce. Title: This is the star
JEFIC E Author: Edwards, Cory Title: Christmas Lizard
JEFIC G Author: Ginolfi, Arthur. Title: The tiny star
JEFIC GOO Author: Neale, J. M. Title: Good King Wenceslas
JEFIC G Author: Guback, Georgia Title: The Carolers
JEFIC H Author: Higgs, Liz Curtis. Title: The pine tree parable
JEFIC H Author: Hoffman, James Title: The Christmas wreath
JEFIC H Author: Hooper, Maureen Brett. Title: The Christmas drum
JEFIC H Author: Hunt, Angela Elwell Title: The Singing Shepherd
JEFIC J Author: Jeffs, Stephanie Title: Christopher Bear’s First Christmas: Christopher Bear series
JEFIC K Author: Ketcham, Sallie. Title: The Christmas bird
JEFIC LAD Title: The Ladybird Christmas book
JEFIC M Author: Mackall, Dandi Daley Title: The Christmas Gifts That Didn’t Need Wrapping
JEFIC M Author Mackall, Dandi Daley Title: The light of Christmas
JEFIC M Author: McClure, Gillian. Title: The Christmas donkey
JEFIC M Author: McKissack, Pat Title: The children’s ABC Christmas
JEFIC M Author: McKissack, Pat Title: From heaven above : the story of Christmas proclaimed by the angels
JE FIC N Author: Noble, Trinka Hakes. Title: Apple Tree Christmas
JEFIC P Author: Pfister, Marcus. Title: The Christmas star
JEFIC R Author: Rosen, Michael J. Title: Elijah’s Angel: a story for Chaukah and Christmas
JEFIC S Author: Schneider, Dick Title: Why Christmas trees aren’t perfect
JEFIC S Author: Seebo, Donna Title: God’s Kiss
JE FIC S Author: Seuss, Dr. Title: How the Grinch stole Christmas
JE FIC S Author: Simcox, Helen Earle Title: For All the World
JEFIC S Author: Slate, Joseph. Title: Who is coming to our house?
JEFIC S Author: Spier, Peter. Title: Peter Spier’s Christmas!
JEFIC V Author: Van Steenwyk, Elizabeth. Title: Prairie Christmas
JE FIC W Author: Walburg, Lori. Title: The legend of the Candy Cane : the inspirational story of our favorite Christmas candy
JEFIC W Author: Wensell, Ulises Title: They followed a bright star
JEFIC W Author: Westall, Robert Title: The Witness
JEFIC W Author: Winter, Jeanette. Title: The Christmas Tree Ship
JEFIC W Author: Wojciechowski, Susan. Title: The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
JEFIC Z Author: Zobel-Nolan, Allia Title: Baby Jesus is Born
DVD JE Fic V Title: VeggieTales double feature. The star of Christmas; The toy that saved Christma
PUZZLE JFIC F Title: The First Noel


Christian Fiction Authors to Check Out

(These authors have several books in our Adult Fiction, but write various types of fiction)

Lynn Austin – Biblical Fiction

T. Davis Bunn– Suspense

Ted Dekker – The Circle series and other books – Science Fiction, Thriller

Richard Paul Evans – Romance

Joseph Girzone – Joshua series – Contemporary Fiction

Dee Henderson – Romantic Suspense

Patricia Hickman – Land of the Far Horizon series – Historical Romantic Fiction (set in Australia)

B.J. Hoff – Emerald Ballad series – Historical Fiction (Irish Potato Famine)

Angela E. Hunt – varied – Biblical Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Suspense

Jan Karon – Mitford series – Contemporary Fiction

Garrison Keillor – Humor

Karen Kingsbury – Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins – Left Behind series – End of Days

Steve Lawhead – Historical Fantasy

Beverly Lewis – Romance, most Historical (all Amish)

Frank Peretti – Supernatural, Thriller

Bodie Thoene – Zion Chronicles series – Historical Romantic Fiction

Ellen Gunderson Traylor – Biblical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Walter Wangerin – Biblical Fiction

Lori Wick – Historical Romantic Fiction

You may go to the Adult Fiction shelves to see there books or look here under the author’s name to learn more.  (Some authors also write children’s books.)

Click on any highlighted titles below for more information.  These books are either adult or young adult titles.

CELC Mysteries and Thrillers:

Alcorn – Deadline

Bunn – Warning

Bunn – Winner take all

Dekker – Black

Dekker – Black: the birth of evil, Book 1 of the Circle Trilogy (Graphic Novel)

Dekker – Blessed Child

Dekker – Kiss

Dekker – Red (Graphic Novel)

Dekker – Showdown

Dekker – Skin

Dekker – White

Dekker – White (Graphic Novel)

Eco – Name of the rose

Grisham – Testament

Henderson – Danger in the shadows

Hunt – Canopy

Kraus – Chairman

Lane – Eden’s gate

Maier – A skeleton in God’s closet

Maier – More than a skeleton

Parker – Beyond a reasonable doubt

Peck – Bed by the window

Peretti – Hangman’s curse

Peretti – Monster

Peretti – Nightmare academy

Wise – Chambers

CELC  Romance:

Bacher – Songs in the whirlwind

Baer – Dear Judy, did you ever like a boy

Baer – Norah’s Ark

Collins – Cast a Road Before Me

Collins – Color the sidewalk for me: Bradleyville series

Corbit – Blessed life

Crow – Glastonbury

Douglas – Robe

Evans – Carousel

Evans – Christmas Box

Gist – Bride most begrudging

Evans – Finding Noel

Henderson – Danger in the shadows

Hickman – Beyond the wild shores

Hickman – Emerald Flame

Hill – Girl from Montana

Hoff – Heart of the lonely exile

Karon – Light in the window

Kingsbury – Halfway to Forever

Lewis – Covenant : Arbam’s Daughters

Marshall – Christy

Rivers – And the Shofar Blew

Rivers – As sure as the dawn

Thoene – Daughter of Zion

Wick – Donovan’s Daughter: Series: The Californians

Wick – Knight and the dove

Wick – Who brings forth the wind

CELC Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Barron – The ancient one

Barron – Heartlight

Dekker – Black

Dekker – Black: the birth of evil, Book 1 of the Circle Trilogy; (Graphic Novel)

Dekker – Red Graphic Novel

Dekker – Skin

Dekker – White

Dekker – White (Graphic Novel)

Foreman – Shatterworld

Jenkins and LaHaye – the Left Behind series — use keywords “Left Behind” in Calvary’s online catalog to find their many books for both adults and young adults

Lawhead – Black Rood

Lawhead – Byzantium

Lawhead – Endless Knot

Lawhead – Iron Lance: Celtic Crusades Series

Lewis – Great Divorce

Maier – More than a skeleton

Maier – A skeleton in God’s closet

McDowell – Truth slayers

Sagan – Contact

Wangerin – Book of sorrows

Wangerin – Crying for a vision



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